League Nights

AXE-cellent AXE Throwing Winnipeg League

League nights are a great way to challenge your soon-to-be friends to a season of AXE throwing. Our 8-week leagues are ideal for getting out, meeting new people and sharpening your skills in a fun axe throwing competition. Every week players go head-to-head against various opponents. Our tournament bracket structure ensures similar skill levels compete, and our seasons culminate to determine the ultimate AXE Throwing Champion!


The Ground Rules:

  • 8-Weeks of axe throwing competition
  • Different games EVERY week! Such as Trick Shots, Darts, Teams, H.O.R.S.E, Around-the-World, and many more…
  • Have you ever want to throw a machete, battle axe or tomahawk? Leaguers get full access to our arsenal of axes and knives.
  • Chase the coveted AXE Master stein which goes up for grabs weekly!
  • Plaid/suspenders or armour are welcome…and awesome.
  • Limited edition apparel that is exclusive for Leaguers
  • The season culminates in playoffs and the ultimate showdown of bracket winners to decide the AXE champion!
  • Spots are limited and filling up fast. Cost is $150 per person (axes & knives included).

Ready to join? Call us or purchase the league membership directly below!

  • Private Events

    An AXEmazing good time for you and your friends!

  • Pick up Nights

    Great for couples or friends looking to try something new!

  • Mobile Targets

    Can't come to us? Let us come to you!